Please note that all of our Technology forms have been updated effective Feb 9-2020. Please use these. You will find these at:

You will note as you create your form, an automatic File# will be created. Please use this generated file number for future reference.

Also, please obtain, if using RCMP premises at any time, their approval FIRST and attach their connection details in your email to the courts.

Use our online Name Search feature in Online Dockets so you could verify your client's Courtroom # before creating our form. The exception to this is, if your client is under a publication ban. If you can not provide us with the court room #, we will find that after we receive your form.

Another issue at times is, if your client is to appear for multiple days. You might ask for VCs on a day that is not initially scheduled in court. Our clerks sometimes just tell our Tech section the client is only appearing one day. SO: Please provide as much detail as you can.

Thank you very much

The Tech Staff

Nunavut Courts.