The Court Services is a division of the Justice Department. Court Services, Registry Division is responsible for the staffing and administration of the Courts in Nunavut. This involves the administration and support of the Nunavut Justice of the Peace Court, the Nunavut Court of Justice, Youth Justice Court and the Nunavut Court of Appeal. The Registry provides support and ensures the proper administration of Court process for all levels of court in Nunavut. They assist judiciary, lawyers, court staff, the police, municipal enforcement officers and members of the public.
Positions in the Registry include the Clerk of the Court, the Civil and Criminal Registrars, and a complement of juridical officers who are Deputy Clerks of the Court. Court Clerks work to support the function of the court by filing documents, functioning as administrative JPS, clerking court proceedings and a number of other integral functions. Clerks travel with the Nunavut Court of Justice Circuit Court to all of the communities throughout Nunavut. Clerks bring a traveling registry to the communities when the Court travels to permit the Court to function as effectively in the remote communities as it does in the territorial capital. Clerks also oversee the administration of court sittings in Iqaluit.