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The Nunavut Court of Justice is a single level or unified trial court. Its judges hear all matters assigned to both the lower provincial courts and the superior courts. When performing functions normally associated with the lesser statutory jurisdiction of a lower court, the judges of the Nunavut Court of Justice continue to exercise all the powers associated with a superior court. The other provinces and territories of Canada have separate superior and provincial/ territorial courts. Elsewhere in the country, each level of court has its own special trial jurisdiction. The unified trial jurisdiction of the Nunavut Court of Justice is unique in Canada.

This website provides information about Nunavut’s Courts, which includes the Nunavut Court of Appeal, Nunavut Court of Justice, Youth Justice Court of Nunavut, Justice of the Peace Court, as well as the Court Services Division of the Government of Nunavut.

Here you will also find important information about the functioning of the Court, including information about judicial independence, the Court’s annual reports and practice directives. You are encouraged to use this site to learn as much as you can about the functioning of the NCJ and the administration of justice in Nunavut.

                                                                                        Mr. Justice R. Kilpatrick

                                                                               Senior Judge (Chief Justice)

                                                                                       Nunavut Court of Justice

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