Dec 02, 2019

Online Dockets- Slowly coming online

Court Dockets are slowly coming online. In most cases these are up to date.

If you find any indecrepencies please check with the court clerk for an accurate one.

Nov 11, 2019

Nunavut Government Ransomware

On Saturday November 2, 2019 a new and sophisticated type of ransomware affected the Government of Nunavut across the Territory. As a result, all government services requiring access to electronic information stored on the GN network are impacted including Court Services.

Court Services has…

Nov 10, 2019

Maintenance Enforcement Payments

Maintenance Enforcement Payments  Maintenance enforcement office: 1-800-792-4183

 Will I still be able to receive my payments from Maintenance Enforcement?

 The Maintenance Enforcement office is operating at usual. Individuals will not see interruptions in their maintenance enforcement…


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