This policy came into effect September 28, 2021.


 Access to Court Records policy 

  1. Appendix A - Non-Publication Orders
  2. Appendix B - Determining Record Suspension Eligibility
  3. Appendix C - Redaction of Personal Data Identifiers Guidelines 

FORMS  ( Download and save form to fill out by computer)

  1. Form A - Court Records Request
  2. Form B - Redaction Request - Filed Documents 
  3. Form C - Redaction Request - Exhibits 
  4. Form D - Redaction Request - Transcripts 
  5. Form E - Request for Appeal
  6. Form F - Certificate of Redaction 

Use of Technology in the Courtrooms/Courthouse

There are specific rules regarding the use of technology within the Courtrooms/Courthouse (In force 01April2013).

Media Accreditation Policy

All members of the Media must receive formal accreditation in order to use technology within the Courtrooms/Courthouse. Forms are to be submitted to the office of the Sheriff of the Nunavut Court of Justice (In force 01April2013).

For further information on these policies, please view the following backgrounder: (Please note that this document is required reading for Media applicants.)


Legislated Fee Structure for the Nunavut Court of Justice


Forms for document requests and filing with the Nunavut Court of Justice Registry.

All questions and comments should be directed to the Registry which can be reached at (867)975-6100/1866-286-0546 (Toll-Free). Alternatively, you can find their contact emails on the Court Contacts page on this website.

All requests for transcripts are reviewed under the Access to Court Record Policy to ensure access is legally permitted

Transcript Request Form.

Civil Registry - Filing by Fax or Email Request Form

Office of the Sheriff - Filing by Fax or Email Request Form